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Should I try to settle with the insurance company before contacting a personal injury attorney after an auto accident?

You are dealing with a trained and experienced insurance adjuster whose primary objective is to save his insurance company employer money by delaying and minimizing or denying your claims. There are many complex concepts in auto liability claims (i.e. subrogation interests and liens, uninsured motorist coverage, personal injury protection coverage, first-party coverage, third-party coverage, med-pay, comparative negligence, punitive damages, etc.) which Mr. Toudouze has been involved in on a daily basis for the past 30 years. His experience in evaluating and presenting the monetary settlement value of your claim is toward the objective of substantially increasing the amount you would recover had you chosen to proceed without an attorney.

Is there a value to hiring an attorney soon after the injury incident?

Yes. Evidence may be permanently lost or destroyed, witnesses may move away or disappear, their memories fade, etc. There are many definite advantages to making the decision to retain a competent attorney early in your case, rather than later.

Who pays for my attorney's fees and expenses after an auto accident and what is a contingency fee agreement?

Attorneys fee and expense issues are unique to personal injury cases and are best explained at length in the initial conference with Mr. Toudouze (for which there is no charge).

How long do I have to wait before my car is repaired?

Immediately after our office is retained, and upon your request for our assistance, we seek to contact the handling adjuster to assist in promptly obtaining payment for vehicle repairs or where appropriate, total loss compensation, with interim rental car payment or reimbursement. We understand that every day matters when you are without use of your car or truck and we aggressively pursue fast and satisfactory conclusion of the property damages you have sustained as part of our representation on your personal injury claim - at no charge for pre-litigation resolution.

Can I choose where to have my vehicle repaired?

Yes. You have a right to choose where, and by whom your vehicle repairs are completed.

Who pays for my medical expenses if I do not have any health insurance?

Our office can assist you in obtaining quality medical care even when you have no health insurance coverage, the costs of which are paid out of the settlement or judgment.

If I have health insurance, can I use it to pay for my medical expenses?

Yes. You are encouraged to utilize the health coverage available to you, with our assistance in negotiating a fair reimbursement of the health insurance contract's subrogation interest.

I thought I was paying for full coverage insurance, now my auto insurance agent is telling me I only have liability insurance. The person that hit me is clearly at fault, what can I do?

You may still assert a liability bodily injury and property damage claim against the auto liability insurance coverage of the person at fault.

The insurance adjuster for the person responsible for the collision is telling me I need to give them a recorded statement. Are they entitled to one?

No. A recorded statement is not mandatory, and may be to your detriment. Proceed cautiously, and the advice of a knowledgeable and experienced attorney
is recommended.

The insurance company of the person responsible for the auto accident is not offering enough money to pay for my medical expenses and repair of my vehicle, what can I do?

Contact our office for a free case evaluation with Mr. Toudouze.